Here’s a novel idea – let’s go offline!

Over the last few years everyone has been talking about marketing via Websites, Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, iamthenextbigthing etc that it’s easy to forget or dismiss good old-fashioned advertising.

If your outlet(s) are localised there is little to be gained by telling the whole on-line world that your Autumn/Winter collection is in-store soon. However, targetted local advertising may well be better use of time and money.

I’m sure we’ve all used the local papers but have you tried posters and billboards? It may be cheaper than you think.

Check out

Try the search in your area and it will give you the places where you can put a poster, the price for 2 weeks and the weekly ‘audience’. For example, in my area I could get a ’48 sheet’ poster with a weekly audience of 154,660 for £689 or they can do a package for £1,500 which gives you 1 poster site,  1 phone box and 2 bus shelters for £1,500 for 2 weeks.  If they are viewed by 250,000 people and 0.1% visit your shop that’s 250 customers. If 25% of them spend £50 you’ve taken an extra £3,000+ and hopefully, treat them right,  they’ll come back again with some turning into regular clients.

I’m not advocating in particular as there are other companies doing similar –  for example (Google for loads more) but the sign poster site is easy to use and gives a good overview.

There’s also something psycololgical about seeing posters in that it can often give the impression that you’re are ‘bigger’ and ‘more established’ company.

Don’t forget if you are thinking about doing it – EVERYTHING IS NEGOTIABLE!

Good Luck

Tony Heywood – Gilcrest Services Ltd
Retail Troubleshooter
Business Turnaround and Recovery

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