Independent Shoe Designer plans to launch Men’s Boot on shoestring budget – Mission Impossible or Definitely Achievable?

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I’ve been working on this project for quite sometime but I’m not sure of the best way to go about getting my product in to boutiques given the current climate. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Mark Charles Client Services Account Manager – No Fluff Recruitment
Money is tight for Retailers (and most businesses) so if you can fund the stock then you could try the Concession route or offer the retailers the goods on sale or return.

Obviously it’s cheap to set up a website with an ‘on-line’ shop to sell the stock. You could also link this in with an eBay shop as this will give immediate access to 10m+ UK customers.

You can try and come up with some ‘viral marketing’ to get the brand known. A good/funny/odd YouTube video can work well – How about some Redneck with southern American drawl saying ‘Assholes are …. Assholes are… etc then cuts to your boots with English accent saying that ‘Our Soles are made from finest leather… Our Soles….etc

Getting samples into the magazines, newspapers can get you good ‘free’ publicity and credibility.

Good Luck

Tony Heywood

lol….absolutely genius, really appreciate your feedback mate! Especially the viral marketing idea, very funny – I will definitely work on some concepts for a video.

Regarding the “Sale or Return” option, I have to say, I am in favor of this route as I think it will be hard to get indies to buy in to an unknown product in this economic climate.

My concern is that without them parting with money initially, how keen will they be to push the product.

Which I guess leads me on to my next question. How effective do you think POS Merchandise is? I’m concerned about producing something that is effective and unique, yet at the same time fits in with the shops theme.

Also, what do you think about getting celebrities to promote the brand? I have to admit, it seems quite risky with such limited stock to work with and no guarantee that they will even wear it, much less get photographed wearing it.

Mark Charles

POS is good and helps enforce the brand but it depends how much marketing spend there is. Wouldn’t be my priority as although it helps it’s probably not a deal breaker for shops to stock your items.

Celebrity endorcements do work (sadly a sign of our times!) however shoes don’t get as much visual coverage on the ‘red carpet’ as other items of clothing. You could send samples to some celebs and claim in your PR that X, Y & Z have our boots (doesn’t mean to say that they wear them!)

Tony Heywood

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